Opus One - "Overture" Bordeaux Style Blend
The world-famous joint venture between the legendary California winemaker Robert Mondavi and the late Baron Philippe de Rothschild of Bordeaux, Opus One is based right at the heart of Napa Valley, in Oakville AVA. The One Opus is one of the very best wines we sell. It is revered as one of the most sought-after and finest wines in California. The Overture is the second wine of the estates, following the Bordelaise tradition of ‘deuxième’ wines. The most unusual aspect of the Overture by Opus One however comes from being a non-vintage blend of multiple years. This unorthodox practice helps in the creation of a wine that achieves the pinnacle level of silky softness and complexity right upon release. A truly special release which recently, was only available from the cellar door. The immense structure of the Opus One wines cult classic requires extensive ageing before it becomes a pleasurable drinking experience; the company, therefore, decided to put together a second wine which would provide an idea of what a mature Opus One might be like. With extended barrel-ageing, and the inclusion of back-vintages of wine, the non-vintage Overture by Opus one overture is a softer, more supple cousin to its illustrious stablemate. Abundant dark fruit, liquorice and black cherry compliment the vanilla and cedar notes from time in top-quality French oak barrels, very specifically made for the estate in varying degrees of toast. Bright and pleasurable. Opus One Overture is a wine that tastes effortlessly smooth thanks to the masterful blending making a precise, but also staggeringly complex and opulent wine making it a unique experience in the realm of fine wine.
Pairing Suggestions

Lamb Quesa-Birria

Roasted Bone Marrow